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Based on a game script I wrote, this is set in a post-apocalyptic (who didn't see that coming?) world where religion and genetic engineering butt heads in a battle of domination and survival. I'm learning Flash as I go, so the first episodes may be different from the later ones. Also, please note that Episode 0 is unfinished because Flash crashed and ate every copy of the .fla file I had saved. Once again, art done by R. Graves. Warning: Contains strong language, controversial themes, and furries.

Episode 0

Victor is a lab-created chimera (human/animal hybrid) in a very serious situation. A zealot human (who's really laying it on thick) is bent on purging the world of the wolf's kind, deeming them freaks of nature and abominations before God. It's up to Victor to stop him, but can he before he destroys the world as they know it?

Episode 1

A few hundred years after the events of Episode 0, we see that not all life on Earth was destroyed. A group of nomadic chimeras (calling themselves Chimerians) live by constantly having to gather information on the remaining humans in order to protect themselves, who have formed a military with none-too-nice plans for the chimeras. The three spies, Runner, Feith, and Dirk, do their jobs with pride, but each deal with their own stresses as the sense of futility and ire burn within them. Will Runner and Feith make it out of the forest alive? Will Dirk's head wound heal cleanly without marring his pretty face? Tune in to find out!

Episode 2 (only time will tell...)