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The purpose of this area is to show off the programs I have written. Mostly, these include C/C++ demos, using various APIs. I've recently shifted my focus to web design and Flash, so this section will be updated more slowly than the others. However, it is far from defunct!

Under ideal circumstances, all zip files include the source code, project file for VC++ 6.0, the .exe, and (hopefully) any required headers or libraries. These programs are provided as-is. I am not responsible for any damage caused to your computer or any misuse.

Win32 API Sprite Spin Demo:

This is one of my characters from M Theory (see the Flash section for more details) spinning against a background. Artwork was done by R. Graves. Sorry folks, I lost the source code and only have the EXE...
Download it!

SDL Splash Screen Demo

For about a week, I really wanted to learn SDL. In that time, I produced this little thing. It shows a company splash screen, and a game menu screen. Note there is no game actually in the thing. If you press start, it doesn't do anything. I did all the "art" and "sound effects" for this, except the music, which is done by R. Graves. Once again, I lost the source code, but I have the required files to run it... on Windows.
Download it!

OpenGL Glut Demo:

This was the final in my C Programming class I took in my second year of college. I'm actually pretty proud of it! It consists of a sphere encompassing another sphere textured to look like Earth (it created a atmospheric glow effect), inside a cube textured with a sea of stars, against a cheesy background. Get all that? Why don't you take a look? It has controls too, and can run on Linux!
Download it!