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About the Webmistress:

Okay, where to start...?

I'm attending the UT @ Austin, majoring in Computer Sciences, and originally from the part of WA State where they grow apples, cherries, and hops. :) I hate being unproductive, so I'm usually reading about something new, working on Flash/Programming projects, doing homework WAY ahead of schedule, or, rarely, leveling up my mage on World of Warcraft.

One of my passions in life is video games. Most people think of them as a form of juvenile entertainment wrought with violence, bad influences, and unimaginative gameplay. This is true to a great degree, but I like to embrace the storytelling side of games. I want people to see them as a potential medium for art! You have to think about putting yourself in the shoes of a character while experiencing visual, auditory, occasionally sensory, and emotional feedback. They don't deserve the bad rap they have. It takes a lot to produce a game, and a lot more to produce a good one.

Giving the preaching a rest, I just really want to make a difference. I'm not satisfied with being "a girl" or "a student." I want to get out there, create, and show people what I'm made of. So that's what I'm going to do, and I hope the person who's reading this can enjoy my hard work and endeavors. :)